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Thukral Law Associates is an award winning Law Firm providing extensive range of legal services and representation to Clients from different countries in the field of Real Estate, Inheritance and Wills

The Firm holds expertise in dealing with intricate details which play a pivotal role in these disputes and matters. The Lawyers of the firm are licensed to represent you as Advocates before all Courts in India including the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

The main aspects of the Law Firm’s expertise involve:

Real Estate Law

Includes all disputes and matters related to property and estate planning.

Builder Buyer Agreements

In case you entered into an agreement with a builder for an upcoming project and paid a huge sum for booking. Later on after the expiry of the period of the agreement, you realize that the builder has not completed the construction of the project and is not even ready to refund your amount. In such cases you have a legal right for the complete refund of your amount with an interest from the date of payment.

If you are a tenant and your landlord is trying to forcefully evict you. Or in case you are a landlord where your tenant is not vacating your property despite the expiry of the lease..

Our Firm has dealt with cases involving tenancy disputes pending since decades and have provided the desired results to clients.

Cases involving the division of the property which was bequeathed by the parents or grandparents. In case your parent passed away intestate and your siblings are refusing to divide the assets equally, you have a right to partition.

Matters involving where you are an NRI residing abroad and your parent or grandparent passed away leaving behind the assets, whether in possession of your sibling or a third party.

Drafting and Preparation of a legally sound Will from all aspects. Cases involving execution of a Will. Cases involving fraudulent and suspicious fabrication of a Will.

Probate of a Will or obtaining Succession Certificate & Letters of Administration. Cases involving challenging a Will or filing objections to a Probate matter.

Forgery & Fraudulent Grabbing of the Property

Cases involving fraudulently manufacturing the title documents of the property for creating title. In a situation where you feel that your property or your parental property has been grabbed and taken over by some by forging and making fraudulent documents, you need to immediately take up action which involve civil and criminal proceedings against the wrong doer.

Misappropriation of Property

Are you a victim of breach of trust or misappropriation of property? These cases involve where you paid money during a period of years for buying of a property for your own use, however it was bought in somebody else’s name. Later the person started claiming the right and interest over the property disowning your title.

We are one of the top real estate law firm in India. The firm is headed by Mr. Karan S. Thukral, one of the best property lawyer in Delhi. The law firm is comprised of best real estate lawyers in India. Mr. Karan S. Thukral being one of the best high court lawyer in Delhi, provides you with the finest legal advice. The firm specializes in NRI laws thus, delivering you legal services from the best NRI Property lawyer.

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