Owning a property in India, when you are living abroad can be a real challenge. With so many hassles like illegal encroachments, keeping the property clean, paying the taxes on time and maintaining the property is not as easy as it seems. In this case, you plan to rent the property then, finding a credible tenant, verifying the tenant, collecting the rent regularly and keeping a check on the property can be really tricky.

We at Thukral Law Associates have specifically devised a client-transparent system, wherein all your property management needs are fulfilled, without you personally travelling to India.

In case you are intending to sell or dispose of your property, self acquired or ancestral, and not sure how the process shall be taken up, then you can be assured that the TLA Legal Counsels shall make the journey very smooth. Our Lawyers shall take care of the complete documentation and process till it is smoothly concluded. If you are willing to come down to India, all documentation shall be prepared beforehand and shared with you even before you visit for your verification and to save time. The lawyers shall assist you in the whole process, accompany you to the registration office and get the documentation completed without any hassles.

We have charted accountants on our panel, which shall further assist and guide you in the process of transferring your funds from India to abroad, and knowing your tax implications.

Non-resident Indians have played a significant role in the Indian real estate market. They generally buy properties in India for investment purposes or out of pure emotional connection to the country and if they plan to settle back, once they retire.

According to Knight Frank’s Active Capital report Indian real estate has seen a massive surge from domestic as well as NRIs. According to the report foreign investments in Indian realty rocketed from USD 3.2 bn during 2011-13 to USD 7.6 bn during 2014-16 recording a staggering growth of 137%.


If you are an NRI, and planning to invest your hard earned money in India by making a life-long capital gaining asset, then Our Firm can guide and assist you. We have many options which can fetch you good returns on your investment. Our Firm shall assist you in the whole process of buying such properties, and make sure that the documentation is smooth and concluded conveniently. For an investment aspect, apart from the following, there are many more options which can be explored:

Properties within a price range of INR 8,00,00,00 to 12,00,00,000:

  • New Friends Colony
  • Greater Kailash 1 – 2
  • South Extension – 2
  • Gulmohar Park
  • Safdarjung Enclave

Properties within a price range of INR 4,00,00,00 to 4,50,00,000:

  • Gurgaon, Haryana

Properties within a price range of INR 15,00,00,00 to INR 20,00,00,000:

  • Guest houses in DLF Phase 1
  • 500 sq yards, Basement plus 3 floor, 16 rooms

Many Plots & Built-Up Houses in DLF-1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

  • Different Sizes are also available for sale.

Plots available in Sizes of 5 acres.

  • Built Up :- 1,60,000 sq.ft. approx
  • Floors :- 3, Lease :- 30 years
  • Escalation :- 10% next year
  • Rent:- INR 35,00,000/-
  • Demand:- INR 50,00,00,000

Bungalows available in

  • Golf Links
  • Jorbagh
  • Sunder Nagar
  • Malcha Marg
  • KG Marg
  • Ranging from INR 45,00,00,000 to INR 350,00,00,000

Builder Flats (New & Old), Houses in South Delhi.

  • Available in different sizes and budgets.

Industrial plots are also available like buildings in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon and all sectors of Noida


In case you have a property in India and anticipate that there is a danger of trespassing or a third party taking over the possession from you illegally, then we can provide you the peace of mind. Without you coming down to India personally, a professional security system can be aligned for your property. These steps can be further accompanied with an Injunction / Restraining Order from the Court.


If you are an NRI and have a property in India, and want to sell it, then our legal team can assist you in locating a genuine buyer and smoothen the complicated process without visiting India. Our Lawyers will envisage the best course of action for you directly bring you in touch with the buyer and assist you in all the negotiations.

If you do not retain the possession of the property, but only have the title, and wish to sell the property on as-it-is basis, then also our office can assist you and get the sale concluded.

Some Bullet Points of our NRI Property Management Services:

  1. Selling your property
  2. Sale without coming to India
  3. Buying a Property for Investment
  4. Danger from illegal grabbing of Property
  5. Transfer of Sale Proceeds
  6. STax Implications
  7. Property Management
  8. Property Security Arrangements
  9. Builder Floor Collaborations
  10. Assistance in all your property needs in India

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