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We at Thukral Law Associates, assist non-resident Indians, foreign citizens and persons of Indian origin to manage their legal affairs and resolve their legal issues within and outside India.


NRI’s / Non Resident Indians and other individuals residing in foreign countries looking out for Legal Services often find themselves in middle of a complex web of Legal situations, sometimes affecting their overseas immigration status/career or even their ability to visit India.

Unlike Indian residents, legal cases involving NRIs may engage multiple areas of law and dealing with Indian authorities. Many NRIs struggle to even obtain the basic information about the Indian legal system, applicable laws, or lawyers. Through this informational website, we have tried to exclusively focus on serving NRIs’ and other foreign nationals while engaging applicable Family, Divorce, Criminal, Property, Civil, Business, Real Estate, Immigration and Tax laws.

In addition to the personal attention, we work with the local Indian authorities and your Indian associates to study your case from various legal aspects and aggressively represent you, assuring you the peace much needed.


The fees charged vary case by case but, very competitive. Provided that, you will also not have to make perpetual visits to India to appear or be present in Court in person, which saves you the loss of earnings whilst away from home as well your personal safety in serious cases.

Our objective is only to make available legal services which are affordable and hassle free. Our Lawyers and Team remain accessible easily and most economically. Internet technology has made communication easier and effective for people in any part of the world and also to keep high level of communications confidential. Net based tracking of all matters allows very swift responses in communication regarding any kind of information throughout the network. Many a times in property matters, client’s have a concern that they do not posses any document related to the property, and therefore they are hesitant to make a claim or not sure whether they can initiate a process or not. At Thukral Law Associates, you do not need worry on this aspect as well. Our Team without requiring your presence in India, shall get you all the documents related to the property thereby establishing the chain of title and strategically concluding whether a claim can be successfully made or otherwise.


We know that accurate and timely expert advice could mean the difference between losing or winning a case.

Our impeccable record speaks for itself where our intimate knowledge and application of the law has turned weak cases into winning landmarks. The majority of NRI’s are not well apprised with the legal procedures and protocols not to mention the delays of the Indian Legal System and often fail to litigate or defend through ignorance or apathy. This is where the trusted brand of Chess aims to minimize all these hassles and delays by providing confidential and dependable legal advice and taking the stress and strain on your behalf so that your daily routine is not affected.

Our ambition is to serve people as Lawyers, specifically those who are living around the World far away from their home town in India. Our experienced team and expert associate professionals strive to provide a confidential, efficient and unrivaled service in all branches of law.

Our Lawyers appear before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, High Court of Punjab & Haryana, High Court of Jammu & Kashmir, Allahabad High Court, Bombay High Court and all lower Courts of Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, Pune, Bangalore, Jammu, Mumbai, Kolkata, District Consumer Courts of Delhi, Punjab & many other cities, NCLT and National Consumer Forum.


With the expanding settlement of Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) in India, the issues faced by NRIs in India are growing rapidly, the law-related ones being the most prominent amongst others.

There are varied legal issues that NRIs face like property dispute, the partition of ancestral property, divorce, child custody & transfer of property, setting up a business in India, investment in property and others. We understand the problems and limitations NRI’s face when handling legal matters in India, especially due to dealings in multiple areas of law with the Indian authorities.

Our NRI Legal Services team has been able to direct clients in the right direction to resolve their legal issues quickly and efficiently without coming to India. The goal has been to provide solution-oriented NRI legal advice in the most efficient manner by alleviating the hassle and annoyance of visiting again and again for legal proceedings time and again.



  • NRI Property Disputes
  • NRI Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • NRI Family Inheritance Disputes
  • NRI Wills, Drafting of Wills, Execution
  • NRI Appointment of Executor and Safe Keeping of Will
  • NRI related Fraudulent Property Transfer
  • NRI related Forgery & Cheating in Property
  • NRI Family Property Disputes
  • Fetching of Property Documents for NRI’s
  • Misappropriation of Property
  • NRI Inter-Country Divorce cases
  • NRI Inter-Country Child Custody cases
  • NRI related Child Abduction cases
  • NRI related Foreign Divorce Decree
  • NRI related Mutual Consent Divorce Petition
  • NRI related 498-A Criminal Case
  • NRI related Maintenance Court Order
  • NRI related Execution of Maintenance Order
  • NRI Child Visitation Settlements
  • NRI Related Passport Cancellation
  • NRI Immigration Issues
  • NRI related OCI Card Services and representation
  • NRI related PCC Certificate
  • NRI related Citizenship application
  • NRI related Visa problems
  • NRI related visits to India
  • NRI related renunciation of Indian citizenship
  • NRI related FRRO registration and representation
  • NRI related all immigration problems
  • NRI Property disputes in India
  • Property partition and Family Settlement
  • NRI related Family disputes
  • All Assistance in NRI related purchase of property in India
  • Providing visa assistance to NRIs and their families
  • Setting up a business in India
  • NRI Purchase / Investment in property
  • NRI related Tax Issues
  • NRI related Banking problems
  • NRI related liaison tasks
  • NRI related Criminal cases
  • NRI related Anticipatory Bail Issues
  • NRI related Cheating cases
  • NRI related Fraudulent Transfer of property
  • NRI related Illegal occupation of Property
  • NRI related share in Ancestral Property
  • NRI related Criminal Prosecution
  • NRI related Criminal Defense
  • NRI related Deportation
  • NRI related Extradition
  • NRI related Passport Impounding
  • NRI related Medical Negligence
  • NRI related Passport Issues
  • NRI related Birth Certificate
  • NRI Adoptions
  • NRI Inter-Country Adoption
  • NRI CARA Process
  • NRI Domestic Adoption
  • NRI Direct Adoption from Biological Parents
  • NRI Surrogacy Process
  • Surrogacy Agreement , Passport and Immigration
  • NRI Builder Buyer Collaboration
  • NRI Builder Buyer Disputes
  • NRI Consumer Disputes
  • NRI State Consumer Forum Matter
  • NRI matters before the National Commission
  • NRI representation before the Hon’ble Supreme Court
  • NRI representation in a Transfer Petition
  • NRI representation in criminal Investigation
  • NRI Arbitration matters
  • NRI representation in International Arbitration
  • NRI Asset Management Services
  • NRI Wealth Management
  • NRI Property Management Services
  • NRI Business Litigation
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Post Divorce Non Disclosure Agreements
  • NRI Domestic Violence Cases
  • Inter-Country Matrimonial Issues
  • NRI Islamic Law Cases
  • NRI Blacklisted from India
  • NRI Visa Refusal
  • NRI Immigration Issues & Representation
  • NRI Murder Trial
  • Filing a Case without visiting India
  • Defending a Case without visiting India
  • Defamation matters
  • Slander & Libel Claims
  • Assault & Battery
  • NRI Property Purchase
  • NRI Property Valuation
  • NRI Property Security Services
  • NRI Property Sale - Rent

We have assisted NRI clients from more than 30 countries across the globe and have worked with them to protect their interests in India for many years thus positioning ourselves amongst the best NRI law firms in India.

We provide NRI legal services and advisory to assist NRIs and foreign Nationals in matters concerning Indian Laws. Our team of experienced attorneys practice in various international and Indian litigations arising in Indian courts and have, over the years, resolved complex legal matters by personal mediation, conciliation or by systematic legal approach for dispute resolution. Our legal team is experienced in resolving all kinds of legal issues faced by NRI’s.


  • No need to Visit India for filing a Case
  • No Need to visit India for Defending a Case
  • Regular Case Updates
  • Transparency with Client
  • Regular Discussions on Expected Outcomes per Court Hearing
  • All Inclusive Lump-Sum Competitive Fee Structure for NRI’s
  • Regular Lawyer – Client Video Call Discussions via Skype, Facetime & Whatsapp
  • 24 Hour Response Time for any case related questions.
  • Flexibility with global time zones for the convenience of client
  • Extensive experience with NRI clientele>
  • Updated with domestic and international laws
  • Confidentiality is given utmost importance
  • Specific Attorney is allocated for each Client under main guidance of Mr.Thukral
  • Utmost Professionalism is exhibited and followed by the legal team
  • One Stop place for all legal solutions: Litigation, Corporate, Immigration, Management, Liaison, Taxation etcetera
  • Lawyers are licensed to appear before all Courts in India
  • We represent clients in all States and cities in India.

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